WPT ranking: Top Padel Players

The World Padel Tour (WPT) Players Ranking are always updated a week after the end of each tournament on the calendar. The most recent update of the list was made on December 19, 2021, in which the best padel players in the world were selected.

Do you know the WPT top 10? Here they are…

1. Ale Galán, the Spanish promise

First up is the current number 1 in the WPT ranking, he is one of the youngest players in the professional circuit. His favourite shot is the volleys.

Galan is a power forward. With an approximate length of 1.86 m, he dominates most of the game with great control over the aerial game. As a backhand player, he tries to get into an attacking position at the net as quickly as possible. He usually finds himself in the transition zone where he is able to return most shots with a firm, strong grip for his straight volley. That said, his athletic ability also contributes to some subtle strokes.

Most of Galan’s highlights come from a very defensive game with subtle strokes: volleying behind his back, under his legs or a quick run off the court for a defensive return. Without doubt Alejandro Galán is one of the most competent players on the World Padel Tour.

Lebron & Galan N#1 WPT Ranking

1. Juan Lebrón

Juan Lebron was the first Spaniard to reach the number 1 in the WPT ranking. He is nicknamed “El Lobo” (The Wolf) because of his appearance and the howl he sometimes makes after a winning shot. His favourite shots are the winning smash and the drop shot.

Physically, Lebron is a beast. With such a powerful backhand, he relies primarily on his strength to control the ball to the left and under his head as much as possible. When he hits behind the service line, he makes sure to aim as close as possible to the point where the court meets the back wall.

3. Francisco “Paquito” Navarro

Francisco Navarro Compán, better known as “Paquito” Navarro is a Spanish position player (backhand) and right-handed backhand. His height of 1,81 m and his less athletic style of play is compensated with an extreme technique wrapped in a great elegance.

His favorite shot is the Bajada, a very fast return off the bak-wall. On the other hand, the historical flashback gives us an idea of what kind of player Paquito was and is. It defines the typical “backhand” player, aggressive and winner. He is also a warrior on defense with a very intelligent attack, although Navarro is at his best when he moves from defense to attack.

3. Martín Di Nenno

Di Nenno is one of the most spectacular players in the world of padel.

At the age of 23, the Argentine player reached the 26th position in the World Padel Tour ranking, today he is number 4. His passion for this sport came from the simple fact that his father had a padel club and, unlike most professional players, he did not start playing tennis, but fell in love with padel at a very early age.

As a player it is very exciting to watch him playing. He has a typically consistent game and surprises his opponents with his returns through the wall.

He organizes himself and plays according to the needs of the moment and leaves most of the offensive actions to his magazine partner. Martín Di Nenno promises to leave everything on the court and, with so much passion for this sport, he seems unbeatable at times.

5. Carlos Daniel “Sanyo” Gutiérrez

Argentine Carlos Daniel Gutierrez, known as Sanyo, has developed some new and improved magic tricks during his career. Standing at 1.77 meters tall, Sanyo has always played in the right side position, where he feels more comfortable and can play with a more controlling style.

With more than 20 titles in his collection, Sanyo is an unpredictable player, who is even said to be reinventing technology.

From the back of the court, under the legs, to the wall on his right side, or by an off-court recovery, this player produces moments of magic. His favourite shot, however, is the “Vibora”.

6. Agustín Tapia

Agustin Tapia is a young talent who has practically just started his career in the World Padel Tour. After winning several titles in his native country, Argentina and being crowned World Champion at the PanAmerican Open, he was quickly offered a 5-year sponsorship contract, even before starting in the WPT.

This kid has stood out for not following anyone’s style of play. He simply used all his talent on the court against everyone he could find.

Tactically, he is unpredictable and, taking advantage of his quick movements and decision making ability, he can turn a defensive phase into an attacking position very quickly.

Drop shots on returns from the back wall or flat hits to the opponent’s body are some of the ways in which Tapia can quickly switch from defense to offense.

7. Alejandro Ruíz Granados

Alejandro Ruiz Granados, better known as Alex Ruiz, is a Spanish player who has struggled throughout his sporting career with diabetes, but this has not prevented him from being one of the most outstanding padel stars in the world. His talent and professionalism have contributed greatly to his current ranking.

The story shows us how Alex prefers to play with younger and more energetic partners. He tries to push as early as possible towards an offensive position and shows a lot of maturity during his game.

8. Franco Stupaczuk

Standing at around 1.90m, Franco Stupaczuc is not the most physical player in the world, but he is best known for his great vertical height and his jumping shot.

Since we started seeing Stupa on the court, he has always covered most of the court. He prefers to occupy a high position at the net and makes lobs well away from his partner’s side. Besides, being agile, the Argentinean player knows how to interpret his opponents’ lobs well and is often eager to finish the point by jumping from the centre of the court.

9. Fernando Belasteguín

Fernando Belasteguin or Bela is an Argentinian padel player who plays mainly on the backhand side of the court and is right-handed.

He became a professional padel player when he was only 15 years old, in fact, he has been 17 year in a raw number 1 in the world.
All padel players and fans consider Fernando as a legend. A pure talent on the court and a respectful person off the court, Bela is similar to Roger Federer in tennis. Technically, his strokes are perfect, like something out of a book.

To sum up, short strokes with a bit of spin momentum, flat body shots, flawless bandejas and clever backhands are some of his most appreciated techniques.

 10. Federico Chingotto

The Argentinian Federico Chingotto, who is about 1.70 metres tall, scampers around the court like a mouse. He plays in the driver’s position and has great defensive ability. However, he moves so fast that he can reach comfortable positions in a very short time.

He also covers wider areas because he relies on his partner to push and switch to offensive position. Chingotto tends to return shots against the centre of the court and his partner takes offensive shots in the middle. He does not overcomplicate the game, so it is simple and linear, something that allows him to avoid unforced error.

To sum up…

In conclusion, The World Padel Tour is gaining more and more followers all over the world.

And although the top 10 players belonging to the ranking are Spanish and Argentinean, the interest of other countries to practice this sport has been growing in recent years. As a result, knowing the technical skills of the best WPT padel players can inspire future generations and amateur players to improve their style of play.

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