DPV & HPA Alliance

The DPV taking new paths

We are delighted to announce a strategic alliance between Hello Padel Academy and The German Padel Association (Deutscher Padel Verband).

From now on, Hello Padel Academy’s Methodology will be part of the course that German trainers will have to go through to become a ¨Licenced DPV Padel coaches¨. 

Over the past few months, we have been working and hard to find the best way to bring an exceptional method to train Padel coaches in Germany. Three different levels of Padel coaches have been fixed: A, B and C trainers. This strategic alliance will be one of the ways to realise the DPV vision.

The German Padel Association will organise the three level training courses for Padel coaches in Germany. The new DPV training concept for trainers could be found on their website:  www.dpv-padel.de . The DPV will decide when and where the courses will be held. If interested, German Padel coaches should apply to the DPV to become an official Padel coach.

The main idea is to hold the course in different locations (cities to be confirmed: Hamburg, Berlin, Idstein, Geretsried, Karlsruhe), and to be able to reach as many Padel trainers interested in getting an official license as possible.

The C-Trainer course will be held by experienced coaches from Germany “Local Heroes”, at the venue chosen by the DPV. The program for level 2 and 3 (B and A Trainer course) will be held by Mauri Andrini, head coach and CEO of Hello Padel Academy, who has been inspired and motivated by the DVP project since the beginning: “When I first talked to Uwe Diener (Vice President of the DPV), I knew that his idea of a modern training system -combining online and offline sessions- would be good for the growth of Padel all around Germany” said Mauri Andrini.

Dates and further information about the trainer courses can be found on the website of the Official German Padel federation:

CHECK IT OUT –  www.dpv-padel.de/trainerausbildung/.

Members of the federation, players, coaches and all the German Padel community will enjoy the benefits of this big step forward of the DPV. The German Padel Federation is really committed to develop and make Padel a more popular sport and of course, from HELLO PADEL ACADEMY we are proud to be part of such a step forward to the sport and the teaching concept in Germany.

We believe that by supporting Padel associations and federations we can realise our vision of being a global leading Padel academy, -implementing learning programs with individuals, teams and organisations- aiming for the greatness and prosperity of all the Padel community.

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  1. Such a pleasure for us to work with such a great project together with Deutscher Padel Verband. Our method has been developed for years and now it the right moment to combine the on court and off court together with the online platform so that all players and coaches in Germany can have the access to learn straight from pro players how to play technically and tactically the sport of padel. We love it, and you will love it too. Thanks Germany.


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