PABLO AYMÀ Joins HPA Online platform

The WPT Coach joins HPA the Premier online coaching platform with an amazing set of live sessions.

Meet Pablo Aymà

Pablo Aymà born in February 26, 1974, in Buenos Aires. He began playing padel in his native Argentina when he was 16 years old. Former tennis player (among many other activities), Pablo found in padel HIS sport. At 17 he entered the professional circuit, reaching in a few years the highest positions in the ranking. Then at the age of 19 he made the tough decision to migrate from his country to pursue his dream and continue linked to padel. This is how he went to Brazil, to work as a commercial for the Varlion brand. There, he began to develop the idea of ​​working as a coach, a vocation that he always carried within him. At the age of 27, he received an offer to work in Spain, again as a representative of the Varlion brand for Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, and moved to Barcelona, ​​where he finally created a training academy. Now, he replicates his working way in several clubs as teaching centers: Sant Just Pádel Club, Indoor pádel Granollers, Indoor Club Vallès, Club Can Bonastre, Raco de Sant Feliu, etc.

Characterized by a simple and easy to carry out structure, his system seeks to transfer knowledge in a practical, clear and effective way. This methodology has led him to be recognized as one of the best padel coaches in the world, coaching top players within the professional circuit, such as Gemma Triay (1), Lucia Sainz (9) or Aranzasu Osorno (13).

Pablo Ayma and HELLO PADEL ACADEMY – (Watch it now!)

Pablo Ayma teaches us his method, and shares with Hello Padel Academy his experience and his top tips in a series of videos that you can’t miss! Just #DifferentLevel !

Thanks Pablo for trusting us and for being part of the Premier Online Coaching platform.

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