The importance of hydration in sport

1. INTRODUCTION – THE IMPORTANCE OF HYDRATION Everyone knows (or so we hope) how important hydration is for the human body, and even more so if we do sport and it is very hot. Water is the main chemical component in the human body and accounts for approximately 50% to 70% of our body weight. … Read more



WORLD PADEL TOUR, PREMIER PADEL AND A1 PADEL INTRODUCTION TO THE PADEL CIRCUITS Surely, all padel fans know or have seen a World Padel Tour tournament. However, it is possible that not everyone has heard of other professionl padel circuits. Therefore, In this article we are going to give an overview of the 3 most … Read more

How to chose a padel bat?

Padel rackets – how to choose?

Introduction Currently, there are a huge number of padel rackets available on the market, and we can find many different brands and models, shapes, weights, sizes and materials. Consequently, this makes us have doubts about which racket to choose or which one is the most suitable for us.  In the following article, we will see … Read more



Introduction Despite what many believe, the lob is one of the most important strokes in padel and, many times, one of the least valued. Many who come from a tennis background have not used this shot often. So, the lob should be learnt from the moment we start playing padel, after learning to hit the … Read more



If you followed the WPT SEASON last year, you will know that not only did this amazing pairing end the season by winning the Estrella Damm Masters in Barcelona, but also ended the season as the number ones for the second consecutive year as well as winning a record breaking 12 titles!!! Let’s start from … Read more

Lebron gallon season 2022


After a surprising and somewhat controversial defeat ( addressed by Lebrón on social media ) at the hands of Javier Garrido (Spain) and his partner Lucas Campagnolo (Brasil) in the round of 16 at the Miami padel open in February, the 2022 WPT season did not get off to a good start for the world number one … Read more

Miguel lampertio top padel player

Miguel Lamperti

Miguel Lamperti, also known as “the gray-haired”, is a professional paddle tennis player of Argentine nationality who was born on November 11, 1978, in Bahía Blanca. His extensive career as a player of this sport has led him to become one of the most mediatic athletes of this discipline. He is also popular for his … Read more

Gemma Triay

Gemma Triay Pons

Gemma Triay Pons is a professional padel player born in Menorca (Spain) on June 28, 1992. She is currently number 1 in the World Padel Tour ranking, thanks to her tactical and technical skills, but above all for her ability to remain calm and enjoy the game even in the moments when it seems that … Read more

Alliance APU &HPA


APU & HPA COLLABORATION  Austrian Padel Union has signed a collaboration agreement with Hello Padel Academy to enhance the Padel Coaching quality in the country.  Hello Padel Academy will provide the coaching methodology through the Padel Federation in Austria, to increase the quality of the Coaching Licenses system and to bring up professional padel coaches … Read more

Padel tips & taxis to improve

The best Tips and Tactics to improve in Padel

Padel is a simple sport to practice at first, but complicated once we start to delve into it. Technical, tactical, physical and even psychological training is essential for any player who wants to make a quantitative and qualitative leap in their game. Learning the best tactics to improve in Padel, in fact, takes time and … Read more


Juan Lebrón Chincoa

Juan Lebrón Chincoa, better known as “The Wolf”, was born on January 30, 1995 in El Puerto De Santa María, Andalusia (Spain). At 27 years old and 1.85 m tall, Lebrón is still a fairly young player with a long career ahead of him in padel. Start of their career From the age of 7 … Read more

HPA - Martín Di Nenno

Time to meet Martin Di Nenno

Emotional story Martin Di Nenno was born 24 years ago in the city of Ezeiza, in Argentina. Today, he is the current number 3 in the world padel tour ranking… but behind his present success, there is an emotional story of struggle and resilience. “El turquito” began to stand out in padel when he was very … Read more

Alejandro Galán - HPA blog get to know the stars

Alejandro Galán Romo

Alejandro Gálan Romo, better known as Ale Galán, was born in Madrid (Spain) on May 15, 1996. He started playing tennis at a young age, but quickly ventured into padel tennis. He quickly realized his potential and what he could achieve in this sport. He started competing in 2016 on the World Padel Tour with … Read more

HPA Learn to play padel online

Advantages of learning Padel online

With the increasing use of educational videos in the sports world, something has become very clear to us: there are no limits to teaching techniques, movements or exercises through video tutorials. In addition, in light of the pandemic, where athletes and coaches were confined to their homes for a long time, we were able to … Read more

WPT ranking: Top Padel Players

The World Padel Tour (WPT) Players Ranking are always updated a week after the end of each tournament on the calendar. The most recent update of the list was made on December 19, 2021, in which the best padel players in the world were selected. Do you know the WPT top 10? Here they are… … Read more

DPV & HPA Alliance

The DPV taking new paths We are delighted to announce a strategic alliance between Hello Padel Academy and The German Padel Association (Deutscher Padel Verband). From now on, Hello Padel Academy’s Methodology will be part of the course that German trainers will have to go through to become a ¨Licenced DPV Padel coaches¨.  Over the past few … Read more

Padel in Australia by Joaquin Granados

In this article, we have Joaquin Granados who is currently living in Sydney and is going to explain to all our HELLO PADEL ACADEMY community the potential of padel in Australia. Joaquin is a professional player from Barcelona (Spain), he is one of the best players in Australia, a member of the New South Wales … Read more


Welcome to Hello Padel Denmark – Great news for Scandinavian countries! Hello Padel Academy keeps growing! Another fantastic partnership has been inked. This time is with Racket club Denmark, to bring our successful methodology to a new country! Denmark has always been a very special place to us. So much so that it was on … Read more


The latest collection in terms of performance, materials and design, helping our #TeamHEAD to triumph on court On court elegance is served. HEAD Sportswear presents a versatile yet perfectly coordinating clothing style for 2021 with the Performance, Vision and Club ranges. Sophisticated material inserts, high-performance fabrics, and perfectly tailored cuts highlight the technical character of … Read more

HELLO PADEL ACADEMY – Hello Padel lover

No matter where you are, you will learn Face-to-Face from the best coaches & players online. Founded in 2013 in London city (UK) by Mauri Andrini, Hello Padel Academy (HPA) was created to assist players and coaches in reaching their padel skills and potential by providing resources that are not typically readily available in one singular … Read more


By GO PADEL UK Welcome to Hello Padel England – Go Padel UK Expands once again! We are thrilled to bring you another fantastic partnership that we believe will not only benefit all the Go Padel UK players and clubs but also the padel community in the UK too. This partnership confirms the creation of … Read more


Padel legend: The boss…the king of padel. Bela was born on 19th May 1979, in Pehuajo, Argentina. He is the most successful and renowned Padel player to date, since he holds the record for being ranked number 1 for 16 consecutive years. He also became the youngest number 1 player in the world at age … Read more


“It is probably one of the biggest differences between padel and tennis in many ways. Firstly, you are not serving for above your head but from waist height. Secondly, the ball must bounce before you strike it. Thirdly, as you improve, it is unlikely you will be able to win points off your serve” LEARNING … Read more


The Power Smash is a shot mostly used when a player wants to finish a point. It is the most aggressive shot played at the net. The most common scenarios to play this shot is either when a short lob has been played by the opponent, or when the player wants to surprise the opponent … Read more


Welcome to your first and fresh online padel sessions! What is it about? What do we do? How does the website work? No worries, we have answers to all your questions! Read the article, watch the video, and if you still have doubts then just send us an email. We made our Online academy for … Read more