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Emotional story

Martin Di Nenno was born 24 years ago in the city of Ezeiza, in Argentina. Today, he is the current number 3 in the world padel tour ranking… but behind his present success, there is an emotional story of struggle and resilience.
 “El turquito” began to stand out in padel when he was very young. In 2015, with Franco Stupaczuk as a partner, they started to climb in the ranking, until they became one of the most promising couples in padel, pair knowns as “Los super pibes” (Super kids)

But in 2016, everything changed for Di Nenno. In a car accident – in which two of his friends died – Martin suffered a broken right femur and a shattered left kneecap. He was unable to play for the entire season, and began a long recovery process. He said that at that time, his only objective was to play padel again… he never imagined what was to come.

 After much determination and sacrifice, Martin returned to the circuit in 2017, with Lucas Campagnolo as his partner; and in 2018, he played with Juan Restivo, achieving as their best result, one tournament round of 16.

 In 2019, playing with Javi Garrido as a partner, he began to stand out with good results, including reaching the semifinals of the Alicante Open tournament.

His battle-hardened character, his playing quality and his way of fighting each ball, led him in 2020 to team up with Agustín Gómez Silingo in the first part of the year, and then with former number one Maxi Sánchez. That year he managed to reach four semi-finals, and ended 2020 within the 8 most important couples.

Paquito & Turquito

In 2021, “El turquito” received the call from the Spanish player Paquito Navarro to go along with him “to his right”, during the WPT season. From that moment on, everything changed for Martin…the couple worked perfectly. The character and quality of both players led the duo to finish the 2021 season as number 2 in the ranking, even fighting for first place with Juan Lebrón and Ale Galán.

Paquito and Di Nenno reached 10 finals and won 3 titles: The first was the Barcelona Master, then the Córdoba Open, and he closed the year by being crowned champion in his homeland, Argentina, at the Buenos Aires Open.

Although Barcelona title was an expected victory, was very emotional for Martin, Paquito and all the padel lovers who follow the Martin’ story closely. It was a deserved gift and prize in regards to all his done effort. His dreams came true.

 Without a doubt, Martin’s character, quality and spirit of improvement will lead him to be one of the greatest figures in the history of padel.

Thanks for this life lesson.

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