The complete Alpha collection consists of the Alpha Pro, Motion and Elite and the EVO and Junior padel racquet models, in addition to matching shirts and Sanyo’s bag and backpack

A new way to play has arrived, with greater touch, precision and comfort. HEAD, the leading racquet sports company, brings you the brand-new Alpha series, a series that includes every possible player profile and every need so you can find your ideal weapon.

Of course, for this very special launch we had to come up with a campaign that was just as special. We filmed and produced two videos that you can view on all our social media, including YouTube. You’ll enjoy the touch of humor ‘made by HEAD’ that is so distinctive, necessary and we might even say, well-established now.  

Sanyo Gutiérrez and Ari Sánchez, among others, debut racquets to end this unusual year with a grand finale (which was really needed)! Experience the same feeling they do of holding a glove in hand by gripping one of these much- anticipated racquets: Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro, Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion, Graphene 360+ Alpha Elite, EVO Sanyo, Alpha Junior Sanyo, in addition to matching shirts and bag and backpack, also recommended by the Argentine talent.

He told us he’s really looking forward to this debut: “I joined the brand in 2014 and since then the quality and performance of their products have always surprised me, as well as their very accomplished design. In addition, the day I visited HEAD’s headquarters in Austria, I saw the padel racquet manufacturing process with my own eyes and all the effort it involved. So my new Alpha is the result of great teamwork and I’ll be honored to enjoy it on the court,” Sanyo happily explains.

Let’s see what the world of Alpha has in store for us:


The magic and flick of the wrist displayed by our player Sanyo Gutiérrez owes much to his brilliance, but also to his padel racquet. This brand-new model comes with Graphene 360+ as its main technology, which along with Smart Bridge make this the most precise and comfortable racquet you’ve ever seen. With it, you’ll really play as if you had a glove in your hand. The new weapon of the player known as “the magician” will be key for him to continue thrilling us with his unbelievable shots on the court, as only he can.


As its name says, this padel racquet is pure movement. One of the most skilled padel players on the women’s circuit and HEAD player, Ari Sánchez recommends this unique model for its great touch, precision and comfort. When it’s in your hand and you play with it, you’ll know what it feels like to have a glove in your hand. Plus, its new Graphene 360+ technology and Smart Bridge maximise touch and comfort. This racquet stands out for its extreme manoeuvrability and versatility.


The Alpha Elite, the softest version of the new HEAD series of padel racquets, is very comfortable and manageable. Constructed using Graphene 360+ technology on its frame and fiberglass on its face, its touch and comfort are unrivaled. As if that weren’t enough, it is manufactured with Smart Bridge and a hole pattern that optimizes the sweet spot. Meticulous design rounds out this fabulous model. Go on, try it and enjoy its comfort and power.


Curious about this sport and want to get started? Try the EVO Sanyo and get ready to get hooked! It comes with a larger sweet spot and soft rubber, making it more comfortable and powerful than ever. Its carbon frame is reinforced with Innegra technology for greater power and fewer vibrations. This version has the same look as the “magician” Sanyo Gutiérrez’ padel racquet.


Are you a junior with a playing style similar to Sanyo’s? Then grip the Alpha JR Sanyo and discover its power. This padel racquet has a carbon frame with a protector incorporated for greater durability, and soft rubber to help you smash the ball out of the court. As it is 3 millimeters shorter but still has a 38-millimeter profile, this racquet is the perfect choice for juniors.

With the amazing new Alpha series, you’ll play with the greatest precision and can add a touch of magic to your skills so you control the ball like never before. Plus, you can carry your most prized racquets and supplies in the Monstercombi padel bag and in the backpack and wear the men’s Alpha T-shirt and the women’s Alpha Tank top for a well-coordinated look.

This new collection is now available on our website and in select stores.

Run out and get your model before they’re all gone!

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  1. I played with the PADEL racket that Mauri was playing. This was the Alpha elite.
    I would love to play with this racket !!!!


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