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No matter where you are, you will learn Face-to-Face from the best coaches & players online. Founded in 2013 in London city (UK) by Mauri Andrini, Hello Padel Academy (HPA) was created to assist players and coaches in reaching their padel skills and potential by providing resources that are not typically readily available in one singular location. HPA international offers high performance courses for players and coaches all around the globe.

The founder and Academy’s director, a well known padel coach and professional padel player, Mauricio Andrini, has been coaching in more than 20 countries in the last 5 years.

He came up with the “HELLO PADEL ACADEMY” idea, and due to the success of his home-made videos he took it seriously and he started working on his own academy and it has expanded into a number of different countries culminating in the global site www.hellopadelacademy.com.

Already based in 4 countries (Spain, Holland, Belgium and England). The HPA method provides the training and preparation that will improve your entire padel experience. “Mauri Andrini’s Method” is a unique coaching system based on the experience acquired during all Mauri’s years as pro-padel player and coach.

HPA Online provides coaching videos ideal for player or coach who wants to learn properly how the sport of padel is played, from beginners to advanced players, from rules to tactical pillars of the sport, from techniques of the shots to strategic explanations so as to gain experience and learn to become a #diffrentlevel player while their continuing to have fun with this beautiful sport.




Hello Padel Academy offers different types of courses to meet your padel coach or player’s needs. Our methodology is unique, it is a system designed to train padel players and coaches. The method will allow coaches and players to reach their maximum standards and potential with the aim to become a better player or coach.

We have designed the best coaching padel programs for players of all ages and game levels. We have coached over 1.500 players in many countries. If you are an experienced padel player or just a beginner padel player, our padel programs are an adventure you will never forget!

Our sessions are oriented for players to understand the fundamentals of the game of padel. In each practice, you will receive in-depth knowledge, techniques, and tactics on both offence and defence from the best coaches available. Our coaching staff will ensure each player is placed in the appropriate group to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each player.

Courses are held in our academies or at any club that aims to work with us. We tailor the customer needs to create a unique experience for players and coaches.

Just #differentlevel

PADEL COACHES – Your place to learn teaching.

Our methodology is created to teach coaches how to empower their ability as a coach. You will learn how to teach the game of padel to help players to learn the sport. Our mission is to share our knowledge with coaches and to transmit all those values which are important for padel: support, confidence, team work, hard work, discipline, enthusiasm.

To help you reaching a high coaching standard, the courses are divided in 3 stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

We hold the courses by Mauri Andrini in our academies or at your club if required. Coaches will be given 10 hours practice and 6 to 8 hours theory. We review and comment videos about matches and the sport. When the course finishes, you do an exam and if everything goes right then you will receive a HPA certificate that you have achieved the course under the eye of one of the most influential international padel coaches today.

Hello Padel Academy in Barcelona… yes it is also possible! Subject to demand we would love to make possible an unforgettable padel experience in Spain for your team or your padel club.


Full training program according to the level and age of players are waiting for you in Barcelona… be ready to play padel and have fun with us at HPA in Spain.

Start the experience by contacting us [email protected]

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3 thoughts on “HELLO PADEL ACADEMY – Hello Padel lover”

  1. Good Day,

    Please can you let me know whether you have a coaching course in London in the next month or two, or are they only in Barcelona?
    I would like to know as soon as possible, as I live in South Africa, and will travel. I would like to know As soon as possible please.


    • We are holding a Bronze course for padel coaches in Barcelona on the 12th December until 14th December just before the World Padel Tour Master finals here in barcelona. Contact us on [email protected] for more info about our courses, many thanks for contacting us.


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