I suppose we all agree that, in any sport, having the help and guidance of a coach will always help us to improve faster and better than if we try to be self-taught.

In the case of our sport, the importance of having a coach is, if possible, greater than in other sports, as there are many different strokes with multiple nuances that are played in different situations and in which the ball can come to us, literally, from any direction.

Let’s talk about the advantages of having a good padel coach…


1. Learn the right technique.

This is probably the most obvious advantage that everyone sees. If we take lessons with a padel coach we will ensure that we learn the different strokes correctly.

Watching online lessons / tutorials on tactics and how to execute a stroke is an enormous help! But, this alone is not enough to learn how to execute that shot without errors, for the simple reason that we cannot see how we are executing it.

In addition, a good and experienced coach will be able to see very subtle errors that are difficult (if not impossible) for a non-expert eye to see.

2. Avoid vices and injuries.

This is closely linked to the first point. A good stroke technique will help us a lot to avoid injuries. Sometimes, not having a perfect technique will not mean suffering an injury, but, unfortunately, it can be the case. The problem is not when we play an inadequate movement once, the problem is that if we do not correct that movement we will end up executing it thousands of times, which could, in the long run, cause us pain or injury.

3. Much faster learning and progression.

By taking lessons with a coach, our level will rise much faster than if we only play matches and don’t train. This is a fact.

For example, if there is a shot that we don’t hit or that is difficult for us, with a coach we will be able to work exclusively on that shot by hitting a lot of repetitions and in different situations under his supervision, guidance and corrections until we have it.

4. Learn padel tactics.

I am sure that some beginners must believe that the player who has the best strokes is the one who plays the best padel. But the reality is that this is not always the case, for the simple reason that padel is a very tactical game. Of course, having great technique stands you in good stead, but it is also true that a good stroke is of little use if you execute it at the wrong time or if you hit to the wrong place. So a coach can be a huge aid In this sense.

5. Evaluate your progress and analyze aspects to improve

If you don’t have a coach, it will probably be more difficult to know how much you have improved and which aspects you still need to work on. We all know that you can see things better and more clearly from the outside than when playing, and even more so if the person looking from the outside is an expert eye.

6. Advise you on matches at your level

It is not atypical to see in padel how there are people who play matches at a much higher or lower level than their own. Leaving aside the reason why they do it, this is not correct, as neither pairing will really enjoy themselves, nor can they train at their level.

A coach will be able to guide you and tell you what your real level of play is, so that the matches you play will be as balanced and as well contested as possible.

7. Psychological help.

A good coach, although not a psychologist, will be able to give you some very good advice or guidelines when competing in padel. Let’s not forget that, if not all of them, the vast majority have been players and have competed before becoming coaches.

With a coach you will work on values and psychological aspects of special importance in padel, such as concentration, perseverance, effort, communication with your partner, motivation, resilience…

8. Channel of communication with parents (in the case of children).

The figure of a coach will remind parents that it is the coach who teaches padel and gives advice to their children, not them. Some parents try to give advice to their children, but this advice is not always correct or favourable to them. In addition, parents are often too demanding on their children, and this can put them under a great deal of pressure. Having a coach can create a better understanding for everyone invloved.

On the other hand, children are always more likely to accept advice from their coach than from their parents.

9. Examine your performance in a competitive match

A coach, if he/she accompanies you to some matches, will be able to see if you are able to apply what you have learnt in the lessons in a real match. We all know that it is very different to train or play in a friendly match than in a competition.

10. Learn the rules of padel and scoring.

One could just learn all the rules of padel, one would only have to look up the official rules and study them. But let’s not fool ourselves, few people do so! It is much better to assimilate the rules as you play padel, and who better to ask than your coach.

11. Advice.

A coach will be able to advise you on many things about padel. So, if you need to buy a new racket, or if you don’t know how to warm up properly, or if your hands are sweating a lot… your coach will surely be able to give you good information.

12. A therapist.

In sport, as in life, we will go through bad and difficult moments, where some might even consider giving up playing padel. Having a coach can be a great help in these moments, because he already knows what it is like to go through these situations and, listening to his experience and his recommendations will surely help us and give us that push and motivation we need to get out of that rut.

13. A new friendship.

If we are consistent with our classes, after a while, almost inevitably, we will end up forging a beautiful “friendship” with our trainer. And at the same time, he will put us in contact with other players with whom we could also end up creating a padel friendship.


Most will agree that having a coach will help us to improve faster and better than if we try to do it by ourselves. However, we would also like to add that it is very important to find a good coach and that, at the same time, he/she works well for us.

We say this because, as in all professions, there are coaches of all kinds, from exceptional to mediocre. But, of course, finding a good or a very good trainer is sometimes not enough, as we may not be able to get in tune with him or her, with his or her way of being or teaching. We must not forget that people transmit and receive energy (or whatever you want to call it), and we will not connect equally well with everyone. Therefore, our advice is to find a good trainer but at the same time feel comfortable with him/her and how he/she teaches.

And tell us, do you take lessons with a coach to improve your padel level or are you self-taught? Have you already found the right coach for you or are you still looking for one?

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