The Power Smash is a shot mostly used when a player wants to finish a point. It is the most aggressive shot played at the net.

The most common scenarios to play this shot is either when a short lob has been played by the opponent, or when the player wants to surprise the opponent by hitting this shot rather than a bandeja.  

The Power smash can be played flat with a wrist snap, and also with a topspin which helps the ball rebound higher.  


Try to put all your power on it. Ideally, the power smash should be the last shot of a point; otherwise if your opponent rebounds off the back wall, they will gain the net position and probably win the point. 

How to improve your smash?


  • Prepare yourself by taking a step back on to the playing leg to get sideways on to the ball.
  • Your non-playing arm should be pointing straight up to the ball. The playing arm moving round like a clock hand behind the player to waist height also pointing upwards, but with the playing elbow bent to around 45 degrees.
  • The non-playing shoulder is, at this point, above the playing shoulder.

Contact point: 

  • Try to smash with your playing arm fully extended over your head. 
  • Your power should be loaded on to the playing leg by bending the playing knee. 
  • Your playing elbow, then, raises up to around head height and your playing arm goes high over your head to a full extension for contact. 


  • The player gains a sideways on position to allow him sidestep backwards (if needed) for the shot. This is done so that the player can cover the ground quicker and avoid falling over backwards. Since the player is rotating the upper body to the contact point, getting side on early allows the player to achieve this once in the correct position. 
  • The player should get right underneath the ball before contact is made and must be on the toes to maximize the push upwards for power. 


  • Finish your smash with your weight transferred on to your non-playing leg, then stepping forward to your playing leg for maximum power and with the bat down around the waist on the non-playing side. 

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