Welcome to your first and fresh online padel sessions!

What is it about? What do we do? How does the website work?
No worries, we have answers to all your questions! Read the article, watch the video, and if you still have doubts then just send us an email.                                          

We made our Online academy for everyone, for the community of thousands of padel players all over the world, all striving to maximize their potential and become the best players they can be.

We have a Video coaching section, where you can find many videos and filter them to search what you really want to watch. We will upload a new video coaching every 2 weeks.

All of our content is shaped by the needs of the global padel-playing community, and we aim to provide all members with the knowledge and tools to raise their higthest padel level! You can register yourself, have personal account, save your favorite videos, and watch them as many times as you like, anywhere in the world and on any of your devices! If you chose to register yourself for free you will get access to watch all our free videos, or you can susbscribe by closing a plan and get unlimited access to all our video category.

Visit our website and click on “about us” to find out many secrets about our way of creating a padel community, personal information about our head coach director -Mauri Andrini- , where we coach, our club partners, courses and padel camps dates and much more!

Become a member, and start enjoying now our high quality coaching videos! You can also watch our free videos, if you are registered user!

The best online Padel academy ever!

Hello Padel Academy, just #differentlevel

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    • Hi Mathiiiii!. Such a pleasure to receive a Message from you. Hope you made the membership happen and if you have any troubles with it do not hesitate in letting the HPA team know. I am answering your message personally as I saw it and I wanted to reply myself, but otherwise itll always be someone from the team ready to answer any question…! Welcome to our Online Hello Padel Academy, full of high quality video coaching and we will upload new videos every1/2 weeks…. Thanks for your message buddy and I hope to see you soon… we will!


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