Austrian Padel Union has signed a collaboration agreement with Hello Padel Academy to enhance the Padel Coaching quality in the country. 

Hello Padel Academy will provide the coaching methodology through the Padel Federation in Austria, to increase the quality of the Coaching Licenses system and to bring up professional padel coaches all over the country. 

Eva Handl, president of APU and Mauri Andrini founder of HPA, have signed the contract and are very excited about the successful alliance. The aim of both parties is to work together along the path, and get certified padel coaches by APU and HPA. “At Hello Padel Academy we are really happy to celebrate agreements with padel federations, as we trust on their hard work and we know they are looking for the excellence and the good performance of their coaches. We have the methodology and the platform to work with coaches and make them better, afterwards they will be coaching players from all levels at different padel clubs in Austria.”

APU will provide the head coach to hold the courses around the country. The official coach is Jose Landeta, who has already been trained by HPA. He will implement the methodology and will guide coaches to reach their best version. With more than 20 years of coaching experience and running his own company “Padel Escapes” he is ready to take the responsibility and excited about taking care of the learning process of coaches in Austria through the HPA methodology.

We are sure that these alliances are the way to achieve the coaches progress. They will get not only the in-person program to become a certified padel coach, but also the online platform to learn from the world’s best player and coaches. The premier online coaching platform will allow all coaches to access unlimited from any device to get drills, techniques, tactics, and professional advice from top international players and coaches.

The way we have carefully designed the methodology, our experience coaching internationally, our work with federation and club all over the world, the more than 1000 coaches and 800 who have achieved their certificate with us are a proof of our reliable work. Our method has inspired many coaches around the world to develop their skills as a Padel Coach. The coaching system and values are a key to develop the sport in a country.

About APU

The Austrian Padel Union as national Association is involved in the development of the sport throughout the country. Their mission is to make the number of players grow, demonstrating why padel is such a fun sport that anyone can play, no matter of gender or age.

Their goal is to spread and promote the sport of padel, therefore they organise events to make everyone get into the sport. They also advice how to build padel facilities around the country, organise tournaments and workshops.

From HPA we completely agree with APU’s positive ​​sport values, and stand by to its standards of fairness, respect, high performance and community amog players.

We are happy to launch and announce the new era for padel coaches in Austria.

Thanks Austrian Padel Union for your trust! We promise you to work hard to make it a big success!

Let the show begin!

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