Miguel Lamperti

Miguel Lamperti, also known as “the gray-haired”, is a professional paddle tennis player of Argentine nationality who was born on November 11, 1978, in Bahía Blanca. His extensive career as a player of this sport has led him to become one of the most mediatic athletes of this discipline. He is also popular for his constant desire to improve and his explosive shot. 


Lamperti started playing paddle since 1990, that is, when he was 12 years old, in fact, in 1994 he was already traveling to Buenos Aires to compete in professional championships. Since his beginnings, he never stopped training hard in his country, where he taught classes to amateurs of all ages and was also dedicated to the manufacture of paddle blades.

This combination of professions linked to this sport made it possible for his life to revolve around padel, allowing him to travel to other countries in order to continue growing and refining his skills.

It was in 2003 when he finally traveled to Brazil to compete alongside Marcelo Perez, and three years later, he began his professional career in Spain.

Padel playing partners of Miguel Lamperti

Throughout his career, Lamperti has had several prestigious partners in padel, such as Matias Diaz, Cristian Gutierrez, including Marcelo Perez. With them he managed to grow in this sport to the point of inserting himself in the Spanish paddle.

In 2005, his career was cut short by an accident in which he punctured a lung and broke six ribs, keeping him off the track for a while. Miguel was able to recover and, fortunately, he came back stronger and eager to continue improving.

So in 2006 he returned to compete, proclaiming himself world number one in Argentina and Brazil, a period in which it is believed that he began to feel a great attraction for the beaches of the country of samba and bossa-nova.

Consolidation as a professional player in Spain

In 2006 was when Lamperti came to Spain to compete with Chico Gomes in July and August.

At the end of his short tour in Spain, “el canoso” received an offer from Mariano Lasaigues to compete the following season in Argentina. Gradually, he consolidated his position as a professional player, becoming considered one of the most effective spikers on the circuit. However, it wasn’t until he got a contract with HEAD that he began to earn enough money to grow as a professional padel player.

 “The gray-haired”, has always been a great player, even in 2010 he reached the 3rd place in the ranking when he competed alongside Matias Diaz.

Miguel Lamperti

Strengths and skills

On YouTube it is possible to see many videos of Lamperti performing his characteristic shot, the smash, a very characteristic shot of the Argentines, from all angles and distances.

In addition to his famous shot, there are other qualities that we can highlight about this veteran Argentine player:

  • Once we see him on the court, it is not difficult to perceive that Miguel is one of the most charismatic and enjoyable padel players to watch on the World Padel Tour.
  • He has always stood out for his excellent closeness with the public and for his good performance in the most important moments of the matches.
  • Lamperti stands out for his mental strength and above all for his concentration to offer maximum performance.

His spectacular padel, without a doubt, is the skill that padel fans highlight the most, in fact, there is a video on the Internet of Miguel playing a shot with a frying pan. In addition, he takes the ball out by 3 meters.

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  • Miguel is a much loved player both on and off the court. The reason: We believe it is because of his way of being, his humility, his perseverance, resilience and his way of living padel.
  • In his beginnings, without the advice of any teacher or a training plan, he became an excellent player spending many hours on the court.
  • He currently lives in Madrid and has played more than 330 matches in the WPT, registering a balance of more wins than losses, with a margin of 65% of victories.
  • He loved poker and has let the world know it.
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