Marta Marrero Marrero

Marta Marrero Marrero is a professional tennis player and professional paddle tennis player, born in the Canary Islands, Spain, on January 16, 1983, who stands out for being an imposing figure at the net. Her defensive and offensive qualities, however, are the factors that have led her to become a reference in this sport. She is characterized as a player with a particularly aggressive style of play, inherited from her career as a tennis player, but developed over the years with great perseverance and dedication.

Marta Marrero Marrero

Tennis career

This veteran padel player began her career in tennis, in fact, in 2000 she reached the quarterfinals of Roland Garros. She was Top-50 in the WTA ranking, but left the racket early in 2009, due to injuries. Some time later she decided to venture into the world of paddle tennis, becoming a professional player.

As a tennis player, Marta Marrero was a finalist for Spain in all categories, was World U16 champion, reached the quarterfinals of Roland Garros and was eighth finalist of the Australian Open.

Beginnings in padel

Marta’s career as a padel player began as a hobby until she discovered that she could do it in a more professional way. While playing this sport, she met Elisabeth Durán, who would become the Spanish doubles champion in the junior category, and she was the person who encouraged her to try her luck in the World Padel Tour (WPT).

The following is a breakdown of the development of this player during her time in the WPT:

  • 2013: Marrero would start playing on the World Padel Tour with Alejandra Salazar.
  • 2016: After being the shadow of Mapi Sanchez Alayeto and Majo Sanchez Alayeto, in 2016 she finally reached the top of the ranking, after an impressive second half of the season.
  • 2017: Unfortunately her partner Alejandra Salazar had to leave the season after an injury, being replaced by Cata Tenorio until Salazar’s reinstatement in 2018.
  • 2018: In this year, Marta showed great progress in her game, obtaining more solid defensive attributes and a more outstanding offensive efficiency. In fact, the couple finished in the number 2 position in the WPT ranking, despite being the ones who won more titles in that year with a total of six.
  • 2019: Marta and Alejandra decided to separate, despite their great success in the previous year, so Marrero would have a new partner, Marta Ortega from Madrid, achieving with her the first position in the World Padel Tour ranking at the end of that season (both won seven titles).


Marrero is a player with a technique that is nourished by tennis, but complemented with an admirable work capacity that has resulted in a very peculiar, but very effective style of playing padel. Let’s see some of the qualities that distinguish Marta from her rivals:

  • She has the strokes, she is dominant and aggressive to play paddle. Especially because she has shown that she has the ability to learn from her mistakes to perfect her game.
  • He covers a large part of the court, thanks to his good footwork, a skill that increases the chances of winning points.
  • He stands out for his powerful backhand volley, even for his forehand volley that covers a lot of ground down the middle. His topspin or planol, moreover, is considered one of the most effective of the circuit (not to say history).
  • She is capable of strengthening her weaknesses, since when she defends “locked” in the corner, she seeks to reverse the situation and turn it into an opportunity to attack.
  • Defensively, he is able to take advantage of his aggressive style of play, always looking to get into a counterattacking position (because defending is not usually her main skill).
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While we can point out that her defense is not perfect, but she is usually aggressive, it is not something that we should consider a weakness. Marta only looks to take advantage when it is her turn to defend, and looks to change this state in an attacking situation.

Her main weakness, however, lies in her character on the court, as she can sometimes lose concentration and control of the game. On several occasions she herself has admitted this.

In short, Marerro defends and counterattacks, and when she focuses, she is a very difficult to beat. Watching her play is a real visual delight, especially for those who love padel.


  • At the age of 12 she got to know paddle tennis and she liked the sport, especially because you play it in pairs.
  • His father and brother are also athletes, so he started playing sports at the age of 9.
  • It uses a paddle called Black Crown Hurricane Pro, whose performance is excellent and its roughness allows it to generate an interesting effect on the ball.
  • It has a 76% winning percentage over the total number of games played.
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