Over the last few years The Netherlands has shown us that padel has been growing in many areas of this country, that is why we are also based in Holland, for our friends and padel lovers around the country.

Alex Luneman, Managing director of HPA Holland, together with Marcel Bogaart and Camil Bouwhuis, organise padel courses for players and coaches in Padel clubs around Holland. Based in Rijswijk with 2 padel clubs (Estate, La Playa & MLTV90: 5 outdoor courts + 5 indoor courts), they are willing to meet up for one of their coming events! No matter what your padel game level is, they have experience in doing the best way to improve anyone’s padel skills!

Don’t hesitate to contact HPA for more information.

Contact: [email protected]

Estate Padel Club

Address: Laan te Blotinghe 1, 2282 NJ Rijswijk, Países Bajos

384H+FW Rijswijk, Países Bajos

+31 70 399 6996


MLTV 90 padel

Address: Jan Steenstraat 1, 2681 PW Monster, Países Bajos

25HH+58 Monster, Países Bajos

+31 174 247 524


La Playa

Address: Cobbenhagenstraat 2A, 2288 ET Rijswijk, Países Bajos

28VM+87 Rijswijk, Países Bajos

+31 (070) 5147085