The latest collection in terms of performance, materials and design, helping our #TeamHEAD to triumph on court

On court elegance is served. HEAD Sportswear presents a versatile yet perfectly coordinating clothing style for 2021 with the Performance, Vision and Club ranges. Sophisticated material inserts, high-performance fabrics, and perfectly tailored cuts highlight the technical character of the collection.


Sporty yet elegant, the new Performance range will triumph on court in blue, white and silver. In the women’s collection, the PERF T-SHIRT’s diagonal stripes in mint and orange offer additional pops of colour and is ideal for wearing with the PERF SKORT plain colour skirt.

In the men’s range, the PERF T-SHIRT, featuring diagonal stripes with colour gradient in turquoise and red, along with the PERF SHORTS, will do the rest. Once again, the Performance range proves that haute couture has its place on the padel court.


With bright colours, bold prints and sporty cuts, the Vision youth range will liven up the court. Colours such as yellow, turquoise and red for men, and mint, orange and a muted shade of blue for women, add excitement to the garments. There are asymmetrical stripes, some of which are combined with animal prints, as in the DIANA DRESS or the SAMMY T-SHIRT.

Another more classic dress option would be the same DIANA DRESS in dark blue with a white round neck and blue edging.

The men will look incredible in the large-scale colour block t-shirts, with multi-colour gradient and geometric prints, such as the STRIKER T-SHIRT, which matches perfectly with the POWER SHORTS.

The Vision range also features the stylish POWER HOODIE with a half-front zipper, as well as many other second layers.

Moving on to the more classic looks, HEAD offers you several pieces in plain colours, such as the DAVIES T-SHIRT for men, or the TENLEY TANK TOP for women which is designed to go with the ROBIN SKORT.


The Club concept was launched for the first time in 2019, so this year it enters its third round. The look is characterised by sporty cuts, classic designs and five basic colours that are represented in each Club collection: black, white, red, blue and navy blue. This makes it possible to mix and match different styles and guarantees maximum flexibility when combining garments. Colours in all future collections will always be compatible with past collections.

It should be noted that by 2021, all garments in the Performance, Vision and Club collections will feature HEAD Sportswear MXM (Moisture Transfer Microfibre) technology, high-performance microfibres that transport sweat to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates easily. This creates a cooling effect and allows the material to dry quickly.

The official kit for professional players Sanyo Gutiérrez, Arturo Coello, Agustín Gutiérrez, Edu Alonso, Ariana Sánchez, Paula Josemaría and Tamara Icardo can also be worn by any amateur player and is now available in store and at www.head.com.

Discover all the new clothes from the brand for men and for women.

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