Argentinian professional padel player and coach who has been coaching the sport of padel around the world since he learned to speak English in London where he started HELLO PADEL ACADEMY. He is also a commentator of the World Padel Tour streamed in English, which helps him to make his goal possible: ¨to spread padel to the world¨.

He began playing padel when he was 6 years old at “Club Atlético San Martín” in Pehuajó city, Argentina, with a great coach “Martin Pato Estruch” who was also the first coach of Fernando Belasteguín (BELA) who was also born in Pehuajó city.

After a great junior career and achieving several provincial and national titles, Mauricio Andrini won his first “world title” in Argentina in 2000 with his partner Francisco Severo.

Mauri left his professional career as a padel player to study at “Universidad de la Marina Mercante” in Buenos Aires city in Argentina.

He obtained a Bachelor in Communication and Public Relations which when combined with his knowledge of the world of Padel makes him a fantastic ambassador for the sport. That is why in 2014, he was designated by Hernan Auguste, International Manager of World Padel Tour, to carry out the commentary of WPT streaming in English, during tournaments based outside of Spain: World Padel Tour in Dubai (2015) and Montecarlo Padel Master, Mónaco (2015 and 2016).

It was in London in 2013 when he had the opportunity to join the David Lloyd Leisure Group, the most famous chain of health and fitness clubs in the UK as a Head Padel Co-ordinator. Since then Mauri has been traveling to different countries coaching padel players and coaches, doing clinics and playing exhibition matches. He has worked in padel clubs in Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Greece, Argentina, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Denmark, Romania, United Kingdom, Jersey Island, Lithuania and Italy.

Whilst living in London in 2013 and without competing in 10 years, Mauri started playing the “British Padel Tour “, reaching the #1 ranking and keeping the top ranking for 4 years in a row.

“Padel is an sport which is highly addictive … it´s easy to pick up, rallies last longer than any other racquet sport. It is fun and is for all ages” Enjoying it will make you come back on court… and that’s why Padel works… because you always enjoy it.

In 2014, Mauricio was named by the British Padel Federation “Head Coach” of both the Adult and Junior British teams. In November 2015, Mauri, as Junior Head Coach together with Matt Thomas, achieved 3rd position in the Junior Padel World Championships in Mexico, behind the two strong teams of Argentina and Spain. This was a huge achievement as it was Great Britain’s first appearance at the Junior World Championships.

In July 2016 ,the Adult British team participated in the Padel Championship qualifying tournament in Lithuania, they won that tournament and so gained the right to play in the Padel Championship in Lisbon 2016 where they got 8th position, beating all records for the National team. The GB team did the same job in 2018 in Paraguay.

But apart from coaching padel, what Mauri loves is to see people happy. What most characterises him is his sense of humour and laughter, which are present in lessons, clinics and in exhibitions. His dream is that more people get to know this fantastic sport and take padel to every part of the world generating thousands of Padel Lovers!

“I may be a dreamer, but I will never stop traveling around the world until everyone knows that Padel is the most wonderful and complete sport in the world”.