Beatriz González Fernández

Beatriz González Fernández, better known as “Bea” in the WPT world, is a professional padel player born on November 23, 2001 in Malaga, who has captivated the fans of this sport for her daring style on the court. The talent and quality of the young player from Malaga are unquestionable, which is why she has made her place among the top 5 in the world ranking.


Bea’s” link with paddle tennis was created at the age of 6, thanks to her father, Antonio Gonzalez, whom she saw practicing this sport in the company of friends. So her natural instinct to follow in her father’s footsteps led her to pick up a paddle and hit the wall until she finally decided to play.

It was Fabian Gelibter of the Miraflores Club in El Palo, the person who invited Beatriz to practice at their facilities, after seeing her play.  And surprisingly it only took three months for Beatriz to be federated and play in Andalusian circuits. From then on, since her first official match, she did not lose a single match in her first three years as a player.

This, made the most diehard followers of paddle put their eyes on this girl, classifying her as a great promise of this discipline. At the age of 14, she started playing in the World Padel Tour, that is, in the best league in the world, making her the youngest athlete in history to debut as a professional padel player in the circuit. That is, thanks to Paula Eyheraguibel, eight-time world champion, who invited her to form a duo and with whom she reached the quarterfinals twice.

An undisputed promise

Beatriz Gonzalez’s story is one of a teenager playing in a world of professional women, although it has not been without its challenges and triumphs, including sacrifices and hardships.

According to “Bea” herself, during her first year as a World Padel Tour player she was very nervous playing alongside Paula, but it was a year full of learning. The media hype, in addition, that unleashed the couple with their age difference (Paula with 42 years), made everything more difficult for the young woman, however, she had an excellent performance.

It should also be mentioned that the young woman had to manage her high school studies with her career as a professional padel player since her arrival to the WPT she has been climbing positions in the world ranking, becoming a great promise of this sport.

Success and more success

6 years after her debut, she got the 5th position in the WPT ranking, holding titles as important as four times champion of Spain (benjamín, alevín, infantil and junior), three times champion of the National Master of Minors or five Championships of Andalusia, among others. Her goal is to become number one in the world, and everything seems to indicate that she will achieve it in the not too distant future.

What has been most surprising about this young player, since her beginnings, is her dedication and irreverent style on the court. Not to mention that she has always been open to listening to advice from both her coaches and her teammates, including her family.

It is worth noting that she also formed a pretty solid and strengthened duo with Cata Tenorio, achieving plausible results in 2018, even, reaching the semifinals of Open events. In fact, she is the youngest padel player in the history of the WPT to dispute a semifinal match, and in a final at the Villa de San Javier Challenger tournament.

Beatriz González Fernández

She did also play with Paula Jose Maria & Lucia Sainz both top pro players. She will play with her partner Martita Ortega the WPT Master Final in Barcelona next week: December 2022

Awards and achievements

Throughout her career, “Bea” has won several awards that have allowed her to reach the level she is at today. The following are the most important feats of her career:

  • N°11 in the World Padel Tour ranking.
  • Runner-up of Andalusia Absolute Team 2017.
  • Runner-up of Spain with the Spanish National Team 2017.
  • Champion of Spain U-18 2017.
  • World Team Champion 2017.
  • National Master U-18 National Champion 2017.
  • Youngest player (14 years old) in history to participate in the WPT final draw in 2016.
  • World Team Champion 2015.
  • No. 1 in the FEP national ranking for four consecutive years (2011-2012-2013 and 2014) in the benjamin, alevín and infantile categories.
  • Champion of Spain for children and teams in 2014.
  • National Children’s Master Champion 2014.
  • N°5 in the World Padel Tour ranking

An example to follow for the new generation

There is no doubt, to talk about Beatriz Gonzalez is to refer to one of the most iconic players of the new generation of professional padel players. We can even say that she is an example for future generations to follow, thanks to her sacrifice, effort, dedication and discipline.

Because, being still a 14-year-old girl, she proved that she was ready to face and overcome any obstacle in a tournament featuring adult athletes with extensive experience as professionals.  

Bea has definitely given a facelift to the way fans view women’s padel today.

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