BANDEJA SHOT – #differentlevel

Why is it one of the most important shots?

1.- To maintain the net position

2.- Gives the opponent a tough shot to play back. 

Some tips from our head coach, Mauri Andrini, to improve your “Bandeja”.:


  • Prepare both feet and arms at the same time.
  • Take some steps back onto your playing leg to gain a side-on position
  • Move a few steps to your side to get the correct position for the contact point.
  • Transfer your weight from your playing leg to gain power on the shot.
  • Place your padel bat right above your shoulder, and the playing elbow at 90 degrees from your body.

Contact Point: 

  • The contact point for the Bandeja should be just in front of you and at head height, but this can be adjusted depending on what direction you would like the ball to go.
  • Your upper body rotates forward. When the ball is in contact with the bat, you should place yourself close to the ball.
  • Finish the shot with your playing wrist fully pronated and above net height


  • Sidestep backwards (if needed) 


  • Finish your Bandeja with the bat fully pronated above net height and around the non-playing shoulder.
  • You should have transferred your body weight forward, to start regaining your position at the net ready for the next shot.


  • It shouldn’t be a risky shot.
  • Try to make it easy and with the proper technique.
  • Use it to reach the balls that go above your head height.

TIP: Star by playing this shot cross court to have more angle and reduce the risk of missing the point.

In our Online padel session you can find the explanation for this and take your bandeja execution to the next level… #DifferentLevel…

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