Advantages of learning Padel online

With the increasing use of educational videos in the sports world, something has become very clear to us: there are no limits to teaching techniques, movements or exercises through video tutorials. In addition, in light of the pandemic, where athletes and coaches were confined to their homes for a long time, we were able to discover the advantages of learning to play Padel by watching videos online. The use of this tool, therefore, has become a very important resource for teaching Padel classes.

Imagine watching a video of a professional player or coach explaining a concept or writing important terms on a virtual whiteboard, all with the goal of teaching you how to play. And while personal meetings are essential to practice some tricks of this sport, there is nothing like a video tutorial to learn the secrets of this sport from the comfort of your home.

The fact is that there are many advantages of learning to play Padel by watching videos online. Players, for example, can watch and rewatch these video tutorials whenever they want and as many times as they want.

In this post we want to specify each of the benefits of using these learning tools, in order to better master your game.

We tell you the advantages of learning to play Padel by watching videos online

It is a fact that videos improve the quality of teaching and learning in the sports field. And to show a button, we will turn to discover the advantages of learning to play Padel by watching videos online:

advantages of Online padel coaching


The main benefit of using video tutorials is accessibility. In other words, the student can consult it anywhere, especially when it is published on a video platform (such as Hello Padel Academy platform or our Youtube channel, for example). In addition, the video is also an interesting medium to carry out the flipped learning method: the lesson is seen at home and the application is carried out during training.

Padel students can, in this way, manipulate the video according to their needs: play, pause to take notes, go back… It often happens that coaches explain too quickly when training on court, but with the video Everyone can go at their own pace.

Last but not least, athletes have several ways to watch the video, whether using their smartphone, tablet or PC.


Among the best techniques to learn, the creation of mental images stands out. And it is that associating an image and contextual clues with a phrase, an animation or an explanatory procedure makes the teaching easier to remember.

This is precisely one of the advantages of learning to play Padel by watching videos online, working with the image facilitates the principle of association, but it also brings something extra: the possibility of repeating the procedure several times to visualize and memorize a technique, a movement, etc.

In addition, proposing content that provokes an emotion can also have a positive effect on memorization. Adding, for example, music or noise to an image (integration of strange, funny, dramatic, surprising sounds in mental images), is a useful tool to associate sound with images.


The speed of succession of images is another of the advantages of learning to play Padel by watching videos online, because it gives it a dynamic aspect that can have an effect on attention, thanks to the fact that the eye is attracted by movement. This tool therefore also makes it possible to show how the different elements of this sport come to life with each other.

For example, video lessons are very suitable when we want to help mentally build the sequence of steps in a process. The dynamic nature of this learning medium is well suited to learning concepts that include a time dimension.

Develop spatial ability

Well-produced padel videos could help the learning of students with insufficient spatial skills. That is, mentally represent things, memorize them and manipulate them to make them mobile. Still images or oral discourse can be used for athletes to create dynamic information.

An audiovisual material that shows the animation of a process, step by step, would greatly help some athletes who have difficulties mentally representing movements.

In this way, they could build a representation of the dynamics of information, which the still image cannot convey. However, students with good spatial skills will learn just as well with still images.


The advantages of learning to play Padel by watching online videos encompass a very important aspect; and it is that we can use these tools as a didactic resource. It is known that practitioners of this sport love challenges, but if the courts intimidate them a bit, the results obtained with the video tutorials can translate into greater stimulation.

Thus, the videos, with the assignment of moving images and sounds, represent an incentive for padel students to commit to learning, and make the study of movements or complex techniques easier and more accessible.

The teaching of padel with the use of audiovisual tools exploits this potential, offering content in the form of an interactive game, stimulating and at the same time training and educational.

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